Monday, October 17, 2011

Refining the Layers

Just a quick update for now.  After playing with the FLTK demos for a while on the zipit I began to realize they could do with a bit of refining.  For example, the keymap still wasn't quite right, and nothing was really tuned to fit on the 320x240 screen.  I did a bit of tweaking in the microwin layer and got the alt key recognized as altgr so the keymap would work as loaded in all the microwin demos.  But then the nxlib layer needed another similar tweak before the fltk demos would work right.  I got that done, and moved onto the FLTK editor demo. 

I figure the editor demo might actually be useful as a simple text editor when launched from say gmenu2x, so I decided to take a look at that one first.  Most FLTK apps seem to have a few hardcoded window coordinates located in or near the main() function.  This turned out to be the case with the editor demo.  I adjusted the coordinates to fit nice and tight on the 320x240 screen and all seemed well and good until I hit the file save dialog.  Apparently the builtin FLTK dialogs are just a wee bit chubby for the zipit screen.  So I adjusted them a bit as well.  Here's the tweaked FLTK file dialog. 

I think it looks pretty nice on the zipit.

And since the simple editor worked out so well, I thought maybe I'd take it one step further.  So I poked around the internet and found some references to an abandoned old fltk word processor program that works with xhtml files and can export to rtf.  Hmm, that's almost borderline useful.  Maybe with some helper utilities to convert things...

So I compiled flwriter and tweaked it a bit for the zipit screen.  So far, so good, but it revealed a problem.  I still need to figure out how to install the fonts for nano-X.  I suppose that's next.  It'd be really nice If I could work out how to share the dejavu fonts in the netsurf package.


  1. Do you compile right on the zipit?

  2. I compile most of the zipit stuff on a PC using this.
    If you search around, you can find it stashed away some dimly lit corners of the internet.