Sunday, February 9, 2014

This One Goes to Eleven

After nearly a year of service it seems the trusty iz2jffs-e10.tgz is showing some signs of age.  We had a burst of new zipit users recently.  A few of them loaded iz2jffs-e10 on their brand new zipits, booted up, and were left staring at the logo splash due to variations in the stock firmware.  Not good.  I need to fix that, so we're gonna have to push it to 11.  I also want to toss in a few fixes and goodies that have been somewhat lacking, like timezone setup and the passwd utility.  Imagine that!  Someone thinking the contents of their zipit might be important enough for a personalized password...

So I added a passwd program and attempted match more of the features in the French jffs.  I made a smaller build of the nano text editor, and made sure I got the color syntax highlighting working.  I also attempted to duplicate the new help system, and copied the French gmenu2x tab layout with a play tab and a program tab.  I'm not completely sold on sdlbasic for the jffs, so I added qemacs and a shell icon to the program section. I also added flipclock to the apps tab and some small console games on the play tab.  
Since I was abandoning the utilities tab, I tossed the media buttons into the settings tab.

With all this new stuff taking up valuable disk space, I felt I needed a smaller links executable so I used the one with less help languages built in.  I'm not quite done testing, so in the meantime here's the new nano.

I also finally built a working tmux executable for iz2s.  It's a bit large for the jffs, but you could fit it if you really wanted to.

While I was at it, I also finally did an iz2s build of the finch IM program that doesn't segfault right away.  It includes glib and libpurple so it's quite large, but some people insist it's great on the openwrt system, so here it is. -- But don't use it.  (Use the better version here.) 

And here's a build that I did recently of Quick2dPlot, a nice sdl based plotting program that I want to play some more with when I get a chance.  For example, I might possibly want to try and create an integer only (or fixed point) variation in order to speed it up a bit on the zipit.

Maybe I can turn the zipit into a graphing calculator after all.
Update:  Here's the new iz2jffs.

Unfortunately the old manual install instructions are now obsolete, unless you can obtain the IZ2S 2.05 zip from the internet wayback machine.  So you'll have to install it the easy way with flashstock.  If you use flashstock you'll get a generic MAC address.  You should edit /mnt/ffs/etc/.macaddr if you want to use the proper the MAC address for your zipit, printed on the label under the battery.  There's an option for editing the MAC in the WIFI menu.

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