Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Post!

I'm on the internet.  I'm somebody now. Woo Hoo!!

Actually I've been here for just about forever it seems, but now I got me one of those fancy bloggy things.  Seems like a good excuse to avoid working on my other pet projects, which have been feeling much more like work than fun lately.

I suspect the dog must've sensed this as he got me a trio of zipit Z2s to tinker with for Christmas this year.  So my next few posts will most likely be about my pitiful attempts to shoehorn enough software into the poor little zipit to remake it into a suitable replacement for my aging juicebox as the car mp3 player of choice.

So far I've got one running IZ2S enhanced and I've managed to get a buildroot toolchain good enough to make a static partly broken version of qemacs that  runs on it.  Yeah, I know you don't really need emacs to play mp3s, but everyone wants emacs, right?

I've got another zipit converted to u-boot and running the teensy wejp userland with the gmu music player.  If I could get the ext2 filesystem to survive a reboot (and learn to control gmu without squinting) this one might be good enough for my purposes.  I've also compiled rockbox as an SDL app with the buildroot toolchain for this userland but haven't managed to test it due to filesystem unstability.  Dang it!  Rockbox would be perfect for the car.

We'll see how this all pans out soon I hope.

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