Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Vacation.

Wow, July is half over and I haven't posted anything for weeks.  I've done a little bit behind the scenes, but every time I settle down to tackle something on my todo list the dog gets the urge to go outside and play.  And somebody has to go with him.  It's not so bad though...

It's actually kinda tranquil now that the bridge replacement is finally finished.

So what have I got to show for all this lack of effort?  Well, not much, really.  I did update a few previous posts with new qemacs executables for IZ2S, z2sid, and openwrt.  I really like qemacs now that I've added the missing features.  I still have to try and make a real openwrt project for it, but I'm slowly inching closer to that particular goal. 

Projectgus opened up the openwrt-zipit project on github, so I've been trying to learn more about github and the openwrt build system.  To do this I decided to update nupdf from a mipsel-only openwrt package to one that builds against the same (more current) mupdf shared libs as the fbpdf package.  The nupdf source archive appears to be inactive, so I cloned it onto github to do the update, and then added the zipit keyboard patches.  I then borrowed openwrt Makefile settings from the gmenu2x package to fetch the nupdf package via git from github instead of svn from google code.  Seems to work. 

Apparently the old static IZ2S nupdf package also works on openwrt if you simply unzip it into /usr/local, so maybe someday I'll try and run it on z2sid as well.  I'm pretty sure it's already available on z2lite.

Oh yeah, I also finally posted the gcc/gdb package for IZ2S in this old post.

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